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Quarter-Baked Series


Online, ZOOM

Organized by Andrea Borghini, Patrik Engisch, Nicola Piras, and Beatrice Serini for Culinary Mind.

December 13, 2021

Anne Barnhill (Johns Hopkins University) "Human Rights and Food System"

Patrik Engisch (University of Fribourg) "Product, Appreciation, and Value. A Philosophical Perspective on Natural Wine"

February 25, 2022

Rachel Ankeny (University of Adelaide) "What Are Food Values? A Philosophical Exploration"

Matthias Kaiser (University of Bergen) "Under Construction: Our Food Identities"

March 14, 2022

Jeff Sebo (New York University) "The Ethics of Insect Farming"

Sara El-Sayed (Arizona State University) "Regenerative Food System. Is This the New Sustainable?"

April 14, 2022

Krishnendu Ray (New York University) "Productive Provincialisms?"

Mayar El Bakry (Cocinas Alterinas)& Gabriela Aquije (FHNW Academy of art and Desing, Basel and Cocinas Alterinas) "From Pot to Root: Design Practices in the Borderlands"


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