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"Foundations for Food and Food Systems Ontologies: Mapping Representational Variants"

1pm (Milan time)
21 May 2024

Online, ZOOM



This hybrid workshop brings into dialogue scholars who are at the forefront of developing key top-level ontologies with scholars who are involved in delivering domain ontologies for food, food systems, and food consumption behaviors. The event objective is to accelerate the mutual integration of said domain ontologies by paying particular attention also to their foundations in different top-level ontologies. Panel 1 focuses on the structure of key top-level ontologies with a particular attention on how to tackle interoperability and cross-operability issues. Panel 2 sets forth the state of the arts of specific domain ontologies addressing food, food systems and food consumption behaviors with particular emphasis on interoperability opportunities and barriers in regard to selected top-level ontologies. Panel 3 considers future strategies to jointly foster integration and interoperability across top-level and domain ontologies.



Introduction: 1.00-1.20 pm CET

Introductory remarks Laurette Dubé (McGill University) [online]



Panel 1: 1:20-3:15 pm CET Which foundational ontologies for food ontologies? Representational choices and challenges

CHAIR: Andrea Borghini (University of Milan)

Foundational Ontologies


John Beverley (SUNY Buffalo) BFO [online]

Roberta Ferrario [in person] & Claudio Masolo (CNR Trento) DOLCE [online]

Salvatore Florio (University of Oslo) CCO/BORO [in person]


Giancarlo Guizzardi (University of Twente) UFO [online]

Discussion - (35 minutes)

Break - 15 minutes

Panel 2: 3:30-5:30 pm CET Foundations for food, food behaviors, and food systems ontologies: mapping representational variants in domain ontologies

CHAIR: Nicola Piras (University of Minho)

Food Ontologies - 3:30- 4:00 pm CET


Damion Dooley (Simon Fraser University) & Matthew Lange (IC-FOODS) [in person]

Adrien Barton (& Fumiaki Toyoshima) (CNRS-IRIT) “What is Food? An Investigation into Food Realizables” [online]

Food Systems Ontologies - 4:00- 4:45 pm CET


Bart Gajderowicz (University of Toronto) [online]

Duccio Cavalieri (University of Florence) [online]

Tom Tomich (UC Davis) [online]

Food Behaviors Ontologies - 4:45- 5:00 pm CET


Paulina Shenk and Lisa Zhang (University College London) [online]

Discussion - (30 minutes)

Break - 15 minutes

Panel 3: 5:45-7:00 pm CET Business Meeting:Towards a meta-layer of interoperable top-level ontologies for food ontologies

CHAIR: Laurette Dubé (McGill University) [online]


William Hsiao (Simon Fraser University, Canada Digital Agriculture Center) [online]

Catherine Paquet (Universite Laval, Social déterminants of health) [online]

Sandra Schillo (University of Ottawa, CAN!) [online]

Barbara Korousic (Ljubiana University, Comfocus) [online]

Greta Adamo & Ferdinando Villa (Basque Centre for Climate Change) [online]


This workshop is co-organized by Culinary Mind and McGill Center for the Conversion of and Health MCCHE (McGill University) with the support of the department of Philosophy “Piero Martinetti,” University of Milan, Italy.


Organizing committee: Andrea Borghini, Nicola Piras, Giorgio Ubbiali


Scientific committee: Andrea Borghini, Damion Dooley, Laurette Dubé, Matthew Lange, Nicola Piras, Giorgio Ubbiali

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