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May 18 – 21, 2022 



Culinary Mind is pleased to organize four panels for the joint annual meeting of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS) and the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS): Cultivating Connections: Exploring Entry Points into Sustainable Food Systems.

The panels bring together philosophers to take up conceptual and value-laden issues related to food justice, consumption, and production.

Panels organized by Andrea Borghini, Megan Dean, Nicola Piras, Beatrice Serini.


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Thursday May 19, 2022

10:20am-12:00am (EDT)

New Philosophical Work on Food Consumption

This panel will present philosophical work exploring the concept and practice of food consumption, or eating. Topics may include the ethics of food consumption, the relationality of eating, the agency of eating or food choice, and the politics of healthy eating.


Joseph Tuminello (McNeese State University)
Food Pharmacies and Food Addiction: Shifting Food-Drug Interpretations in Allopathic Medicine, Psychology, and Psychiatry

Aaron Meskin (University of Georgia)
Rethinking the Foodie

Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus College)

The "Attractive Aversions" of Fermented Food: Can Carolyn Korsmeyer's Theory of Disgust Account for My Feelings About My Compost Bucket?

Megan Dean (Michigan State University)
The “Worst Dinner Guest Ever”: On the Moral Difficulties of Eating Right with Food Allergies and Intolerances


Thursday May 19, 2022

03:40pm-05:20pm (EDT)

New Philosophical Work on Food Justice

This panel will present philosophical work relating to food justice, understood broadly. Topics may include food sovereignty, agriculture and climate justice, food and epistemic injustice, and eating and social justice. 


Samantha Noll (Washington State University)
Food Sovereignty as Restorative Justice in the City

Raymond Anthony (University of Alaska, Anchorage)

Peacebuilding through the Ethic of Sharing: Recalibrating Regenerative Relationships with Food Animals to Advance Food Security

Paul B. Thompson (Michigan State University)

Food Ethics 4 Ways (or Maybe 8)
Alex Plakias (Hamilton College)
What’s for Dinner?  Food Justice as Epistemic Justice





Wednesday May 18, 2022

4.00pm-5.15pm (EDT)

Philosophical Perspectives on Eaters and Eating

This panel will center on two key sets of questions. First, within food ethics, what are the benefits and limitations of focusing on “eater” rather than “food”? Might the relationality and interdependence inherent in eating be better captured through concepts such as “feeding,” “feeder,” and “fed”? The second set of questions revolves around eating and experience. How do past experiences with foods affect present and future experiences? Does food expertise afford greater epistemic insight or even morally privileged standpoints? Can food represent the past lived experience of our ancestors and, accordingly, enable us to relive them?

Abby Wilkerson (George Washington University)
"Sugared Up": Bodily Normativity, Eaters, and the Social Contract 

Carolyn Korsmeyer (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
Memory's Kitchen

Cain Todd (Lancaster University)
Taste, Pleasure, and Expertise

Maya Hey (Future Organisms)
From Eating to Feeding: Changing the Question towards Multispecies Health 



Friday May 20, 2022

4.00pm-5.15pm (EDT)

Rethinking Food Concepts with Conceptual Engineering

This panel will question the limits of conceptual engineering and consider strategies for improving this approach, also by dialoguing with non-philosophers and other food experts, vis-a-vis key concepts related to food and eating, such as food identity, “local food,” “authentic” food, and “food” itself. 

Speakers: Andrea Borghini (University of Milan), Nicola Piras (University of Milan), Gyorgy Scrinis (University of Melbourne), Beatrice Serini (University of Milan). 

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