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2024 AFHVS-ASFS Conference
Right to Food-Food as Commons

June 6, 8.00am-11:30am (New York time)

Falk College at Syracuse University and SUNY ESF / Syracuse, NY

New work in philosophy of food : Technologies and food, diet, and agriculture


Thursday June 6, 8-9:30 am

Location: ESF Marshall 319

Moderator: Megan Dean


Emma Hardy, "Huitlacoche & Corn Smut: A case study of which things get to be food"

Patrik Engisch, "Naturalness Matters"

Matthew Robert Adams, "The Appeal (and Limits) of Conceptualizing Food as Medicine"





New work in philosophy of food: What is food? What should it be?

Thursday June 6, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: ESF Marshall 107

Moderator: Megan Dean


Alex Plakias, "A Right to Know? Transparency, Technology, and the Future of Food"

Emily LaRosa, "From Farm to DataTable: An Exploration Into the Societal Interconnectivity of Autonomous Technology and Agricultural Life"


Matthew Lange, "Democratizing AI, Democratizing Food: Sociotechnical Systems Capable of Enabling Food as Commons"


Megan A. Dean, "Weight-loss Drugs and the Interpersonal Ethics of Eating"

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