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"The Dining Experience: New Questions for Theoretical Philosophy"

4-5 June 2018
University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Philosophy of food is a rapidly burgeoning area of philosophy. Most developments have so far occurred in so-called practical philosophy of food (i.e., ethics and political philosophy) and the debates have centred on the question: “What should I eat?”.


More recently, however, the philosophy of food has taken a more theoretical inflexion and philosophers have begun to address topics in the philosophy of food from a theoretical perspective.


They have asked, e.g, what is food?; what is a recipe?; what are the emotions characteristic of our food consumption (or lack thereof) and what role do they play?; and what is the nature and structure of olfaction and gustation?


In this workshop, we intend to bring an international team of philosophers to address a series of such theoretical questions in the philosophy of food.


Davide Bordini & Sanna Hirvonen (University of Milan)

"Experiencing Taste"

Andrea Borghini (University of Milan)

"Marinara With Cheese and Other (Im)Possible Recipes"

Anne Barnhill (Johns Hopkins University)

"Enabling Better Food Choice"

Shane Epting (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

"Conceptions of Food Sovereignty"

Akiko Frischhut (Akita International University)

"The Temporality of Gustatory Experience"

David Kaplan (University of North Texas)

"The Politics of Taste"

Matthias Kaiser (University of Bergen)


Cain Todd (University of Lancaster)

"Flavour, Emotion, and Time"

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